Do I need a serial number to add AURAS to Kontakt?

Because it is not currently a Kontakt Player library, AURAS requires the full version of Kontakt and cannot be added to the Kontakt library tab. Instead, you can find the library by browsing to the AURAS folder in the Files tab on the left of the Kontakt interface.

How do I install the ROLI Dashboard presets? 

Check out the AURAS Quick Start Manual for details on installing the ROLI Dashboard presets.

What does ‘LITE’ mean in the ROLI Dashboard presets?

The ROLI Dashboard presets for AURAS run on MIDI channels 2 to 11. The LITE presets reduce this range to channels 2 to 5. This is essentially a limitation on MPE polyphony to keep down CPU usage for less powerful machines. 

Why isn’t the pitch bend range set to 12 for all AURAS patches?

The pitch bend range is set to 2 semitones as a stylistic choice that worked for us. If you’d like to do pitch-per-note slides, you can set the range to 12 semitones using the ‘bend range’ control in the upper right corner of the interface. 

Why are the AURAS patches multis (.nkm) instead of instruments (.nki)? 

To receive the multiple MIDI channels used in MPE, AURAS uses .nkm patches.

Can I load multiple AURAS patches into Kontakt simultaneously despite them already being multis (.nkm)?

Yes — when opening an additional patch you will be prompted with the message ‘Replace Multi (pressing “No” will merge in the new instruments)?’. Press ‘No’ and the additional instrument will be added without removing the previous one. If you press ‘Yes’ the previous instrument will be replaced.

Is AURAS CPU intensive?

Due to the requirements of MPE and because a wide range of modulation and processing tools are used in the COLOURS environment, it is recommended that you have an up-to-date and powerful computer to get the best out of AURAS. 

Is AURAS available as a Kontakt Player Library?

No, AURAS requires the full version of Kontakt. 

Where is my AURAS download link?

If you log into your account and click the order number, you will be presented with a ‘download here’ button. For more detailed instructions see the AURAS quick start guide.

How do I extract the ZIP file? 

WinRAR works best for Windows users. If you’re on a Mac, just open the ZIP file as usual.

Is AURAS VAT inclusive? 

Slate + Ash is currently not a VAT registered company so there is no VAT included in the price for AURAS. We will be registering for VAT in the coming months, after which the cost of AURAS will be £199 (so get it while it's cheaper!).

Do you offer educational discounts?

We may offer discounts to those in education or music therapy. Get in touch at info@slateandash to learn more. 

Does AURAS work with normal MIDI controllers? 

Yes, everything in AURAS that can be linked to one of the ROLI Seaboard’s gestural controls can also be linked to a MIDI CC number — meaning you can link it to the knobs and sliders of any MIDI controller.

This is done using a MIDI learn function — you simply twiddle a knob to learn its MIDI CC number.

The difference is that where the ROLI Seaboard’s controls have the ability to affect notes individually, other MIDI controllers affect all notes at once. 

Does AURAS work with other MPE controllers such as the Haken Continuum or the LinnStrument?

AURAS is set up by default to work with the ROLI Seaboard, but it works with other MPE controllers too.

Each parameter in AURAS that reacts to MIDI from the Seaboard also reacts to a MIDI CC number — all you need to do is set your MPE device to send the correct CC numbers (CC01 for slide, CC11 for press, CC127 for glide) and everything will work.