Certain libraries can appear in the 'Libraries' tab of Kontakt. The following instructions detail the installation process. If you don't already own Kontakt you can download the free Kontakt Player.

1. Open Kontakt and navigate to the 'Libraries' tab on the left

2. Click 'Manage Libraries'

3. An 'Options' window will appear. Browse to the 'Libraries' tab and click 'Launch Native Access'

4. Native Access will open. Once you are logged in, click 'Add a serial' in the top left corner

5. You will be presented with the following window. Input your 25 digit serial number and click 'ADD SERIAL'

6. Once your serial number is accepted, you will be presented with the following screen. Click 'VIEW PRODUCTS NOT INSTALLED'

7. Locate the relevant library and click 'ADD LIBRARY'. You will be prompted to browse to the file location of your downloaded library. Highlight the top level folder and press 'Open'

8. Click 'INSTALL' in Native Access. The library will now appear automatically in the 'Libraries' tab of Kontakt