UPDATE: We have new and improved black panels due towards the tail end of September. Any orders for black panelled faderbanks will be dispatched in order once we receive the new panels. Silver panels have been temporarily discontinued. 

Hand built by Gareth Luke

Custom 16n Faderbank used to control electronic musical instruments and devices.

Each smooth as silk Alps 60mm fader can send MIDI data through USB or 3.5mm stereo jack, CV (0-5V) through sixteen dedicated jacks, or I2C data through TRS jack (pull up resistor switch to support both I2C configs). Custom design with S+A branded  black or silver anodised aluminium body and Buchla Music Easel style slider caps. One year warranty. Typically 2 to 3 working days to dispatch.

If you require 0 to +10V or -5 to +5V CV outputs, check out the new 6hp partner module SHIFTY.

If you have any queries, contact gareth@slateandash.com otherwise you will be emailed to confirm what panel colour you would like once the order is received.