Due to the discontinuation of the microprocessors required, as of 1st of May 2024 we have a handful of units available after which this iteration of the 16n will be permanently retired. Please note, this is no longer a pre-order, these units are available now. 

Custom 16n Faderbank used to control electronic musical instruments and devices.

Hand built by Big T Music.

Each smooth as silk Alps 60mm fader can send MIDI data through USB or 3.5mm stereo jack, CV (0-5V) through sixteen dedicated jacks, or I2C data through TRS jack (pull up resistor switch to support both I2C configs). Configurable via a handy Chrome based editor. Custom design with S+A branded milled, bevelled and anodised black aluminium body with Buchla Music Easel style slider caps. Two year warranty. Typically 3 to 5 working days to dispatch from GB.

If you require 0 to +10V or -5 to +5V CV outputs, check out the new 6hp partner module SHIFTY.

For any 16n related queries, please contact gareth@slateandash.com.